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Google Earth for Educators

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Oh! The Places We Can Go - A Travel Guide




We are going to fasten our seatbelts and travel arund the globe exploing our dear planet for its natural wonders and for the marks people have made.  We'll think about how Google Earth (GE) can expand our classroom options for us as teachers and our students as learners.  What are opportunities in Google that will engage our students in projects to increase literacy and numeracy? How does GE facilitate scaffolding student growth? 



  1. Learn to download GE and make initial helpful settings
  2. Learn basic navigation for travel and exploration
  3. Learn how to find help for technical issues
  4. Create a tour to share
  5. Explore sites for curricular applications


NETS for Teachers

     1. Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning and Creativity 

     2. Design and Develop Digital-Age Learning Experiences and Assessments 

     3. Model Digital-Age Work and Learning 

     4. Promote and Model Digital Citizenship and Responsibility

     5. Engage in Professional Growth and Leadership


Tech Requirements

1.  For good clear details, see http://earth.google.com/userguide/v4/index.html#systemreqs.  


2. Essentially one needs a good video card, good bandwidth, a relatively modern fast machine.  Wireless works but if you can plug directly into the hub/router, the throughput is even better. It's best to have a mouse with a scroll wheel for zooming in and out and about. 


  • Some sort of representative widget, video, et.c of this workshop could be embedded here.







Helpful Resources

Google Earth Simple Navigation.doc


7 Steps To Create Placemarks.doc


Google Earth Resources for RETAzens.doc




What's new in Google Earth 5.0 http://earth.google.com/tour.html


Activity - Basics

Downloading Google 5.0


Locating helpful documents


Activity - Getting around in Google Earth

Searching, Places, Directions, Layers


Finding and placemarking an address




Planning or remembering a trip


Sharing your travel


Applications for your setting?



Activity - Resources for RETAzens

A couple of my favorites 

Fever1793   Literature

     which brings us to KMLs and KMZ


International Cuisine

     things are getting crowded in our places panel so let's save our places




Scribble Maps  http://www.scribblemaps.com/



Your favorites?



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