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Digital Storytelling Workshops

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Digital Storytelling Overview


The art of storytelling creates a profound shift from being externally directed by the world media to an experience of empowerment that involves the sharing of stories using state-of-the-art technology. This process honors individuals, families, and cultures by giving value to personal experience and is therefore a trustworthy tool for cultural  and global understanding.  As a classroom project, digital storytelling can help educators meet established learning objectives while providing a hands-on technology experience for their students.  For students, the project-based focus of digital storytelling gives them an opportunity to explore new modes of expression, new ways of working independently and with peers.  


In addition to mastering the 21st Century skills required to complete a finished project, this hands-on workshop helps students consider the importance of audience and to develop their own voice and utilize new media narratives by using still images, video, and animation to create their own stories. Students explore the art of digital storytelling with text, sound, and images. Through this process, digital storytelling helps students see themselves as not only media consumers, but as media producers. 


If you have any questions or would like to share your completed digital stories, contact us at reta@nmsu.edu



Use the following links to explore the our digital storytelling workshops:


Digital Storytelling Workshop for Educators Student Multimedia Camp  
Online Digital Storytelling Workshop for Educators 

GISD Student Mulitmedia Camp

NMTIE Digital Storytelling Workshop for Educators




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