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What’s Cooking Technology Test Kitchen

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NMSTE Regional Spring Conference

Early College High School

April 9-10, 2015



Technology Test Kitchen

The Technology Test Kitchen is designed to provide you with hands-on learning experiences that will support your blended teaching and learning efforts.  During this all-day opportunity, an expert “Chef” will guide you through hands-on exercises focused on practical applications of the technology featured at that station. You’ll have ample time to explore innovative ways to use what you have at your institution to support blended and online learning.


Take-Aways from the event include hands-on experience, engagement with Top Chefs in the field of technology, and access to the RETA Digital Cookbook full of technologies “recipes” to wet your technology appetite!


What’s Cooking?

Our Featured Test Kitchen Stations


Get the Full Recipe Book


Multimedia Meals

Video and Audio Technologies

Creating high quality content including video or audio can be engaging and interactive for your students. Meet with the Top Chefs here to experiment with simple tools and technologies to develop learning content for you as a teacher or for engaging activities for your students  


To Share: DoInk, Tellagami, Screencast-o-matic, Tripod and iPad, iMotion HD


Kerry, Michelle

Collaboration Cookout

Collaborative Technologies

Learning is social, and there are so many tools and technologies to use to engage our students in learning activities with each other. Join the Top Chefs here to experiment with new and existing applications that you can use for group projects and other collaborative activities.


To Share:  Baiboard, Mindmeister, Padlet, Show Me, Today’s Meet. 


Susie, Susana

Tech Tidbits

New Technologies


The Top Chef will showcase the latest innovations in emerging  technologies.


To share:  Osmo, AirServer, Alexia, wireless speaker, monitor watch, listening center, wireless headphones, Little Bits


Sandy, Miley


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